Pipe swivel joints

AVIT pipe swivel joints are pipe components that can move under pressure. They are suitable for use with rigid pipework or can be used with hose connections that require protection against torsional loads. All types allow a continuous rotation and swivelling in either direction at low speed. The type DKG swivel joint feature additional angle compensation of up to 7.5° along the axis of rotation. AVIT pipe swivel joints are used in various industrial applications and are suitable for liquid or gaseous media. Different versions ensure a reliable seal in use with high internal pressures or vacuum. The standard maximum temperature is 80°C.

Pipe swivel joint shears
By arranging several pipe swivel joints in different levels it is possible to achieve virtually any routing configuration. Due to the different connection options – threaded, flanged or welded with elbows, couplings and flanges – the possibilities are nearly unlimited.

It is important to know some values for the layout of the swivel joints. Please have the following data ready when contacting us with your enquiry.

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