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Hydraulic tube couplings

AVIT tube connections with O-ring sealing are based on the tried and tested 24° cone connector system (referred to as DKO) bore form W according to DIN 3861 and ISO 8434-1.
The leakage protection is basically achieved by the double sealing integrated into the system: the seal provided by the metallic cone and the O-ring seal. Further technical advantages of this connection are:
•    Low setting behaviour of the screw connection
•    Long-lasting seal of the connection (5 year guarantee  1)
•    Arbitrary repeat assembly with silver-plated stainless steel union nuts. No cold welding in the thread.
•    Highly cost-effective because there is no maintenance
•    All components are internationally standardised
•    No influence by notch effects
•    Use of high-quality materials (AISI 316Ti, heat-treated steels

1   Only by observance of our assembly instructions.